Search Engine Frustration

  Chaco 10:35 05 May 2004

With Google now offering shares and the ongoing debate about which is the best search engine, I find it frustrating that very little is mentioned in the media about how search engines are becoming increasingly hijacked by what I would describe as 'agent' sites (for want of a better expression). Put in the name of a hotel for example and rather than get the website for that hotel you get reams and reams of so-called discount hotel sites. Enter "flowers" and you get endless lists of florist 'agent' sites but very few direct links to a particular florist (unless you keep clicking and clicking next page until the agent sites are bypassed. Enter the name of someone or the name of a movie or a musician and there are an increasing number of agent sites that take your input and reflect it back on their search engine listing, fooling you into clicking on their site link. These 'agent' sites seem to be on the increase and is increasingly making searches an exercise in frustration - you could call it search engine spam.

I recall that Yahoo used to have the option of searching Web Sites and Web Pages, with web pages being the personal sites (mainly) and web sites being the commercial sites. That distinction is long gone now. I read that new forms of search engines are due to appear but I fear that because of the increasing commercial nature of search engines, commercial sites are always going to be pushed to the forefront at the expense of the more personal sites and with the way spam technology is increasing, search 'hijacking' is going to keep on increasing.

Does anyone else experience the same frustration with search engines these days?

  Gongoozler 10:49 05 May 2004

It's frustrating, but that's how they make their money.

  concise 10:52 05 May 2004

I get frustrated with the one on these pages.

  rawprawn 10:58 05 May 2004

So do I, it never seems to find anything for me, including my own postings.But this has all been said before.

  johnnyrocker 11:01 05 May 2004

own postings are under the link at the top titled
'view your postings'


  rawprawn 13:32 05 May 2004

Yes I know, but I tried it just as a test.

  pj123 13:55 05 May 2004

Know exactly what you mean. I have a friend in France and I built a website for him and up until about 2 months ago if you typed a keyword(s) into google his site was listed within the first page. He has just emailed me saying that his enquiries have suddenly dropped off. I tried the same keyword(s) and now his site is not even on the first 3 pages. As regards this Forum search engine I have never been able to get it to work.

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