Search Companion in Windows XP

  Non Welsh Local 17:41 19 Jan 2003
  Non Welsh Local 17:41 19 Jan 2003

I'm trying to locate a file on my hard drive and when I try to use Search I get an error message saying "A file is missing that is needed for Search Companion, you may need to run set up".

When I'm logged onto the internet the Search Companion works but not when I'm offline. Any ideas?

How do I run setup, will this involve reloading XP? If I do so won't I then loose all written files?

Thanks for any help.

  jazzypop 17:49 19 Jan 2003

Try this thread - click here - several suggestions from apparently knowlegeable people.

  « Ravin » 17:55 19 Jan 2003

ms kb article click here

  Non Welsh Local 18:52 19 Jan 2003


  elgar 22:30 30 Jan 2003

What if you only have recovery disk with PC not XP CD ROM

  jazzypop 23:11 30 Jan 2003


Only Method 3 in the link that « Ravin » posted requires the XP CD. You will probably find thata recvery CD will also work, as it must contain the core XP files.

I don't think that any suggestions in the link that I posted require the XP CD.

  elgar 21:56 31 Jan 2003

I've had a sudden attack of technophobia

My Recovery CD screams do not attempt to open or load this CD without instructions from technical support (who are never available when I'm not working).

Is this CD going to try to automatically reset to the delivery state or is it likely to spontaneously self destruct taking me with it or am I being a chicken??

  jazzypop 00:16 01 Feb 2003

I have re-read the Method 3 in the link that « Ravin » posted.

Firstly, you need to have the same problem.

Secondly, you need to have tried Method 1 and Method 2 first, and still have the problem.

Thirdly, it is unlikely that you will need to use Method 3, as Method 2 (install SP1) includes the specific fix (that is itself the download recommended in Method 1).

Fourthly, Method 3 is only given for those who prefer to manually inspect and investigate the error logs.

Fifthly, Method 3 only says that you 'may' need the XP CD. If yours is the 'lowest form' of recovery CD, it is very likely that the system files are already copied to your hard drive by your system supplier, so Windows will look to your hard drive (not your CD) for the files.

What I am trying to say is, relax :)

  elgar 17:22 15 Feb 2003

reinstalling xp solved problem and did not make me explode


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