Search button not working nor is option available

  albiex 14:15 22 Feb 2005

I run windows XP SP2...

I cannot use the seach button to find files...

When I click on it nothing happens, I also appear to have lost the option to search from the Start pane/menu...

I assuem you can just re-activate...but I can't find out how.....

Help please.....tahnks Albiex

  Stuartli 14:38 22 Feb 2005

Right click on the Start menu button>Properties>Start Menu tab>Enable Start Menu>Customise button.

Scroll down and Enable Search>click on Apply>Click on OK - you can also set the Classic Windows style Start Menu if you wish.

  albiex 17:34 22 Feb 2005

HI Stuartli,

Thanks for this...unfortunately it does not show an enable search in my system...I've alos checked on my laptop..also running XP sp2 that does not show it either...I've also tried switching to classic but again no enable search..?

Am I doing something wrong..?

  Curio 17:44 22 Feb 2005

Did you click Advanced tab after Customise? This should take you to the Enable Search near the bottom.

  Stuartli 17:59 22 Feb 2005

Sorry, was typing from memory....:-)

Just tick the box to Enable Search. You might want to enable others as well.

  albiex 18:40 22 Feb 2005

Still seem to be doing something wrong..
After customise and Advance..I get options for:
Control panel, Drag & Drop; Favourites; Help& Support; My Computer;My Docs; My Music;Network places;My Pictures;Network Connections; Printers & Faxes; Set program defaults and System Admin...nothing on Enable Search....

I seem to be missing something...

  Curio 18:53 22 Feb 2005

Scroll down to the bottom of that list and put a tick against Search. The term Enable search means put a tick in Search. Hope this clears it up

  albiex 19:03 22 Feb 2005

I do not have anything called search or box to tick....!

Just the list I sent previously.

Is there something which contyrols what is shown in this list..?

Thanks for your help so far....Albiex

  Curio 19:14 22 Feb 2005

When you click Advanced Tab you should have displayed a Box headed 'Start Menu Items'
Scroll down this list to Search. It is 6th from the bottom.

  albiex 19:46 22 Feb 2005

yes I get 'Start menu Items' (and on my laptop I get the search box just between Scroll programs and Sys admin tools...)

But not on my desktop..I get 'set program access and defaults'...

nothing about search


  Curio 19:51 22 Feb 2005

Odd. You have proved it exists on your Laptop. Can only suggest a System File Check on your Desktop. Did ticking 'Search' on your Laptop solve the problem?

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