Seagate icon missing from desktop

  martd7 16:55 13 Feb 2014

Recently purchased a 2tb seagate external drive all works fine,a few days later the Seagate "swirl" icon had been replaced by a regular windows hard drive icon,doesnt affect anything just curious to know why its been replaced with a regular windows icon?

Running windows 7 64bit ultimate

  Nontek 17:03 13 Feb 2014

Hmm, I don't know the answer, but mine did exactly the same - which I prefer anyway.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:05 13 Feb 2014

It sounds like the file for the Seagate logo has been deleted. Did you perhaps format the drive or inadvertently delete that file? If it's the latter then it should be in your Recycle Bin with a .ico extension.

  martd7 17:08 13 Feb 2014

Secret squirrel,no didnt need to format it was ready to use and appeared with the seagate icon,mysteriously vanished a few days later

  Secret-Squirrel 17:19 13 Feb 2014

" didnt need to format..."

With the Seagate connected, look in your Recycle Bin. There are two files that change the drive icon - the one containing the image that has a .ico extension and one called autorun.inf. If you find them then restore them.

  martd7 17:32 13 Feb 2014

Looked theyre not in recycle bin but the icon disappeared few weeks back ive just got round to posting

  rdave13 17:39 13 Feb 2014

Not sure if worth it but have a look here.

  martd7 20:41 13 Feb 2014


Cheers never even thought to look for a seagate forum,like one of the posters said he registered the product and deleted the seagate folder containing the "autorun.inf" and ".ico" and im thinking ive done the same thing without even thinking about it,secret squirrel suggested earlier i had done that

Thanks all

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