Seagate HDD question

  Cybermaxx 20:12 17 Jun 2006

Just installed a new Seagate HDD. I now have two HDDs installed. I want to copy everything from the old one (including Windows) onto the new one. the old one is partitioned into three, two NTFS and a FAT 32 Recover partition.

I'm using the Seagate DiscWizard software that came bundled with the new HDD. It has separate options for partitioning and copying. Do I have to partition the new HDD before copying everything, or will it do this automatically? The old drive is 60GB, whereas the new one is 160GB.

  woodchip 20:20 17 Jun 2006

XXCOPY wil do it click here check the list on the left at the top

  Cybermaxx 20:34 17 Jun 2006

No thanks. I'm using the Seagate software for this task. I've realised that I have to partition the new drive first. It's the only way to do it.

Question is, in which order do I create these partitions? The small FAT32 one first, or the two NTFS ones first?

The old drive partitions are labelled C (NTFS), D (NTFS), and E (FAT32)..........

  woodchip 21:04 17 Jun 2006

This sounds like it may be Medion Computer like one of mine. Do it just as it is NTFS first. This should be made active

  Cybermaxx 09:59 18 Jun 2006

Yes, it's an old Medion PC. Create the NTFS partitions first, then? What do you mean by making it active, though? The Seagate software is very easy to use, but my own lack of HDD knowledge is letting me down here!

To clarify, I have the original 60GB HDD set as Master, divided into three partitions. The new 160GB HDD is set as Slave, and is empty at present.

  Cybermaxx 10:25 18 Jun 2006

Right, so I create the partitions on the new HDD, NTFS first. Copy the data from each partition on the old HDD to the relevant partition on the new HDD. Switch off. Set the old one to Slave and the new one to Master. Switch on, and it'll boot Windows from the new one, right? Then I can format the old one.

Does that sound right?

  Cybermaxx 12:26 18 Jun 2006

Oh well, I've emailed Seagate technical support, so hopefully they can be of assistance. We shall see.

  wobblymike 13:38 18 Jun 2006

I take it you are using seagate Disc Wizard

Put the disc into the floppy or cd drive and boot from it follow the instructions to set up your slave drive - select Advanced installation and partition with however many partitions you want - select the NTFS file system. When you run it it will partition and format the disc - Job done. If you want chapter and verse post back

  woodchip 14:00 18 Jun 2006

the OS will not work by just copying it over to another drive. Unless you use Acronis or XXCopy etc It as to be a Image of the Partition or Drive for it to boot on another Drive

  Cybermaxx 14:04 18 Jun 2006

Oh gawd......... Yes, I want to move everything, including Windows XP onto the new drive. So DiscWizard can't do that? Oh no.........

  Cybermaxx 14:18 18 Jun 2006

I can't get that XXCopy program to work. It prints up a load of stuff, and I kep pressing Y etc., but the EXE file doesn't start it.

Hmmmm, maybe ratehr than messing around like this, I'd be better off just leaving the new HDD as a Slave and installing any new games on it. Seems a bit of a waste given it's superior performance over the old unit, but I really don't know what I'm doing here!

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