Seagate HD as Master

  Barcelo 08:39 19 Nov 2005

Having bought a new Seagate Barracuda 120G HD a friend who is very knowledgable about computers attempted to configure this as my Master drive, retaining my existing Maxto 60G as the slave with all contents still onboard. The idea being to delete OS software from the Maxtor and then transfer all existing files to Seagate after having loaded same with OS software.
All went well but the Seagate seemed very slow and when trying to access the Maxtor an error message popped up stating an I/O error and would not access the Maxtor, also saying the Maxtor was empty. We ended up disconnecting the Seagate, reverting back to the Maxtor and seeking help.
Anybody got any ideas??????

  Diodorus Siculus 09:30 19 Nov 2005

Why not add it as a slave?

Unless it is SATA or is otherwise significantly faster, there is no real advantage in it being master.

Did you check that the jumpers are correct on both? Ie the new one now as master and the old one as slave. If they are both as slave or both master or even both on cable select there can be errors.

  Forum Editor 09:31 19 Nov 2005

and forgive me if you've already covered the ground.

1. Presumably you've checked that the old drive jumper has been moved to set the drive as a slave?

2. Presumably Windows is assigning a drive letter to the old drive, and is showing it in 'My Computer'?

3. That being the case, can you read the properties of the drive in Windows?

4. How many partitions does the old drive have?

5. What file system is on the old drive partition(s)?

6. Presumably there is nothing bar the operating system on the new drive, and it has been formatted and partitioned and is working as it should - as an NTFS drive?

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