seagate hard drive clicking.... but works ok ?!

  theDarkness 13:38 16 May 2005

Im back to moan! My Seagate 80gig hard drive (which has XP) has been clicking for months.... but still works..? I downloaded the seagate hard drive checking program, Seatools, and that tells me that the drive is 100% fine, so Ive no idea. The noise is definately coming from the drive.. double cl-click! It doesnt happen often, and yes, my hard drive at the moment is in definate need of a defrag, so I guess my question is how many people in here have had their drive click when it needs defragging? The noise is def the drive, and is louder than the usual searching sounds u get.

Is it really that common?

My drive is around 2 yrs old, and Seagate tell me that 5+ yrs (after purchase, not running time!) is a good lifespan in general?

cheers for any info if anyone can! :D

  Pooke100 14:48 16 May 2005

my maxtor is pretty noisy but apparently maxtor ain't renowned for quietness anyway, Plus my PC has a Lian Li aluminium case so I think that helps make the noise more industrial :(

Erm I have never heard a HDD click, as long as it is working well and you are BACKING UP regularly then there's nothing wrong with carrying on using it. If it's still in warranty then you could try and get it changed.



  bruno 16:05 16 May 2005

I had clicking from my Seagate hard drive and it packed up soon afterwards.Luckily I had backed up stuff I needed.It was a 60g oneand only 13 months old.I found out after I had scrapped it that it was probably still under guarantee.My 20 G original one is still going strong after 5 tears.

  quack 16:36 16 May 2005

Don't trust any checking programme. Back up all your data before the HD packs up (if it ever does).

  theDarkness 01:02 17 May 2005

yeah Ill carry on using it for now since everything is still backed up on my connected maxtor extra drive.

But if the Seagate xp installed one packs up (I assume the system will just crash) Im worried that having to use the psu switch to turn off the machine while power is still running through it could damage the motherboard, since I know Im always supposed to switch off using windows?

Ive had to do this a couple times before with incompatible progs in the past that have crashed my system, so Im wondering if this could have damaged the hard drive over time? does that sound likely? cheers for the help! :D

  bruno 18:37 17 May 2005

Closing down using Windows allows your PC to close programs and tidy things up properly so you do not lose anything in the process.If you switch off the power supply you will lose any work that you are doing at the time,but would not normally damage anything.When my Hard disc packed in I got a blue screen during boot up and a message which said it could not read the drive or words to that effect.

  Dorsai 19:30 17 May 2005

Clicking from a hard drive is almost always a sign that it failing to correctly position the read/write heads.

They may be sticking, or they may be overshooting, but they are not going where they are told.

Eventually the drive fails. IT may take years, months, days or hours from the start of the noise to the failure.

Do a google on 'clicking from hard drive' and almost all the links that come up are from data recovery companies. You have backed up, so I suggest you now order a new HDD.

  DieSse 21:40 17 May 2005

Did you run the in-depth tests in Seatools - they take a long time, but give a thorough test. If they say the drive is OK, I'm inclined to think it is.

Try enabling SMART in the BIOS - and getting a SMART monitoring program, like ActiveSmart.

If the drive is doing anything wrong, like mis-seeking, it's monitore and entered into a log - if it does this more than the minute amout allowed by the specs, you WILL get a warning.

  theDarkness 00:51 18 May 2005

There aren't that many options in Seatools, but I did do the full range of tests offered rather than the quick hd analyse on the options screen, and it came up saying that it could find no reading/searching errors at all.

the double 'cl-click!' noise usually can be heard in the first few mins of using windows, but it has definately done it before after more than an hr of use. The system can go without a click for around a week, and then as an example the next day Ill hear it once every 10mins. I usually switch the machine off completely when that does happen, just to be safe, and then I'll restart later on that day, or even 5 mins later, with no probs. Does anyone know if a bad drive always makes a double clicking sound, almost like its searching (albeit rather loudly)?

Perhaps of note, Ive heard the noise during the windows loading screen on start-up before, but XP does not seem to take longer to load at all or do anything that would indicate a failure, it seems to work just as normal, which is probably not what you'd expect. The noise has been heard for a fair few months now, and doesnt seem to be getting more frequent, not that I can tell. I suppose Im crossing my fingers when Im hoping that the click is just related to a crappy Seagate drive needing a good defrag (which it does so Ill be doing that tomorrow) but from the results on the defrag screen it doesnt look too bad (not that many red bars)!

not sure if smart is on, Ill check the bios and try that prog to see what it comes up with-cheers

  DieSse 01:21 18 May 2005

"Does anyone know if a bad drive always makes a double clicking sound, almost like its searching (albeit rather loudly"

No they don't.

"Im hoping that the click is just related to a crappy Seagate drive ...."

Seagate make excellent drives, some 100million per year - they would not survive unless they were pretty good.

  Dart Echo 08:23 18 May 2005

This drive will fail eventually. They all do.

As you are almost certainly adhering to a strict backup policy the clackity-clicking should hold no fear for you. Some drives are almost silent whilst others click, crack, moan and groan for years. Whichever, makes no difference, they all fail one day.

All computer users should regard HDD failure as inevitable and act accordingly. That is, *Be Prepared*.

End of story??

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