Seagate GoFlex not recognised by my laptop

  tolio 02:00 23 Oct 2010

Hello every one in this site.I had bought a Seagate GoFlex 250 GB external HD.I had transfered 100GB date to it.Onece I've removed it from the laptop without klick on satly remove from the task bar.And at the moment My laptop can recognise my HD.I use Windows XP.I had been using it for2 weeks and that happenned.From MAPLIN UK (London).The technicians told me that it faulty.I dont believe them and i thing is a small problem that i can fix by-myself.The Disc spins the power light is flashing,when i go to safly remove it shows me that the drive is recognised.But I cant open the HD's directory to see my files.If any one have an idea what would be the problem please write to me.Also if i need to recover my files please tellme how and what software do i need.Thank you in advance.the date inside is realy importante for me.
regardin tolio

  gengiscant 09:42 23 Oct 2010

Maybe it is just the unit that is faulty not the harddrive, can you not remove the hard drive,install it as a slave, by moving the little plastic cap, then installing it on your PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:37 23 Oct 2010

Can you see the drive in disk management?

  tolio 13:12 23 Oct 2010

fruit bat: I can not see the hard drive in disk management.My HD on the laptop is separated by two partitions c:/ and D:/ and one which is the DVD-ROM.It doesnt show the external HD only in the task bar where is SALY REMOVE HARDWARE.

gengiscant: can you explain to me simlier because i am not realy into the IT technologies.
thank you :)

  gengiscant 13:43 23 Oct 2010

First of all you will need to remove the hard-drive from your Seagate GoFlex.
Then it will be necessary to move the plastic jumper from the master position to the here
Then you can plug it in to your ribbon cable and connect a molex power connection.
Video here click here

Or buy something like this, which is what I use.Very simple. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:02 23 Oct 2010

Before you mess with the drive - try

downloading usbdeview click here

Use it to remove all instances of non connected USB devices.

Shut down and reboot then plug your drive back in, windows should find and install new hard ware and you should then be able to see your files in My computer.

  woodchip 14:10 23 Oct 2010

If you have removed it at any time not using safe removal. You will have corrupted the Boot sector on the drive. I have the same drive and always use the above to remove, its essential with Hard Drives

  tolio 18:10 23 Oct 2010

i confused you is external SEAGATE GoFlex HD so the only thing i could do is to plug it in or out vie usb.Any other options could be to use sowtware for solving the problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:18 23 Oct 2010

Unplug and use usbdeview to remove all the entries from the registry - reboot - plug back in and windows should find and reinstall it correctly.

  woodchip 22:57 23 Oct 2010

Yes I have the same drive, its a USB. You should as I said always Remove any USB drive by clicking on the Icon in the System Tray and choose stop the Hardware using Safe Removal. As it corrupts the drive if you just unplug it. It does not matter about plugging it in, its only when you remove it that you need to do the above. I cannot pronounce this enough

  tolio 01:03 08 Nov 2010

hello evry one after many researches and attemptings the result was unsuccessful.I tried the USBVIEW software but it still cant be recognised.
Woodchip i think you are right i have corrupted the boot sector of the drive.Is that means all the information is still in it?And is there any chance to fix that sector?

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