seagate external problems! Flashing light.

  Nicks145 14:53 29 Jul 2007

Hi there, i have a problem with my seagate external, I have had it for a few mounths know, and it has worked great, untill know, when turning my pc of i turned the HD of just before the pc and it corrupid some Of the data. (please help.

When i set it up and turn it on, nothing happens, it doesnt even turn on (like make a noice) to tell me it is running, all it does is keep flashing the light - so it is trying to read data, but i have lefted it on for some time know and hasen't made a differene.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 29 Jul 2007

Recover Lost partitions
TestDisk: click here

  Nicks145 17:49 29 Jul 2007

not sure how to use that, but thanks i'm working on it, it dosent seem to pick up the seagate exturnel and dident before i wrote my frst message on my pc , it can not be found by using the tes disk., my seagate dosent seem to connectd to m pc and seems to not be running, just the light flashin.

  woodchip 17:51 29 Jul 2007

As above TestDisk should sort the partition, if you can run from a Floppy, it will be better

  Nicks145 01:08 30 Jul 2007

it says there is two drivers, disk /dev/sda - GB /28 <RO> (which is my main hard driver.

and also Drive d: - 2369 / 2260 MiB <RO> as also this which i have no clue on. it does not show my seagate HD, your talking to some one who has no clue on how to fix a problem with a hard drive, i need more help in this issue please:S

  Nicks145 12:34 30 Jul 2007

even after the seagate is connected to the pc and turned on, it is not picked up but the pc. meaning that the test disk wont work as there is only a main hard drive and no externel

  woodchip 18:59 30 Jul 2007

You could take the drive out of the case and fit inside computer as Slave so you could sort it. As it may be a USB problem with the External case

  Stargazey 15:26 29 Mar 2008

Hi, was just wondering if you managed to fix this as mine is doing the exact same thing......

  Technotiger 15:45 29 Mar 2008

Hi, best to start your own thread - you could use a slightly different subject heading, so as not to confuse. The reason I say start your own thread, is becuase the originator of this thread will now get emails from PCA if/when anyone responds to your question, even though the original thread is getting on for a year old.

I would suggest you try Fruit Bat /\0/\'s suggestion as above.

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