Seagate external drive

  rimp 16:55 10 Jul 2008

My new computer has OP Vista, it will not read the files on he external drive, photos, docs. etc.However if I use it in my old computer it reads OK. Can you advise me if it is Vista problem or the computer problem ? Thank you.

  DieSse 17:21 10 Jul 2008

" will not read the files on he external drive"

Won't read in what way? - You can't see them, or they won't open when you double-click them?

  rimp 22:02 10 Jul 2008

When I click on the file, it opens but it will not open the image. I can view them on my computer than runs XP.

  DieSse 22:08 10 Jul 2008

"it opens but it will not open the image."

Just give us a few more clues please

What type of image file?

What program is supposed to open that type of image file?

Do similar image types on the new computers hard drive open OK?

What happens if you copy the image file onto the hard drive and try to open it?

When you say the file opens but you don't see the image, exactly what does that mean? - how do you know the file is open? - open in which program?

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