Seagate 500GB Momentus XT 2.5" Hybrid SSD

  hssutton 10:21 02 Jul 2012

What are your thoughts on the above drive. At the moment I'm using a Kingston 120Gb SSD drive. I'm now starting to hit problems with the limited 120Gb when loading image from my camera.

My programs take up around 45Gb leaving approx 45 Gb spare. Unfortunately there are times when I need to upload around 50-80Gbs for editing. As an example from this weekend at the local airshow I have over 75 Gbs of photos to edit.

I have plenty of capacity on other drives installed on my PC, but have now got used to the much higher speed of SSDrives, hence my thoughts re. the 500Gb Momentus.

  MickMickTheGeek 11:33 02 Jul 2012

Hi mate, Anything over 400MB/s Read and write should be ok. are doing some great offers on SSD's. I just picked up a SANDISK Hyper X SSD SataIII at 555MB/s Read and 510MB/s Write. The Hybrid drive you are refereing too is a conventional HD with spinning plates etc but it has a large cache which it buffers the data from the CPU and rean/writes it when it has spare time or the buffer gets full. If you are doing a lot of large photo edits and file transfer, you could fill the buffer very quickly and drive speeds will return to the standard levels.

  hssutton 14:02 02 Jul 2012

Thanks for the info Mick. From what you say it would suggest that once my 70-80Gbs are loaded the editing of individual files would be quite fast.

  KRONOS the First 14:14 02 Jul 2012

I would upgrade the size of your SSD the prices are quite ridiculous now. I paid less for a 128GB M4 than I did for my first SSD a Vertex.

  hssutton 18:37 02 Jul 2012


Yes you are probably correct the OCZ 240GB Agility 3 SSD is available for £145. would have prefered a 500gb hence my thoughts on the Seagate Momentus

  MickMickTheGeek 20:27 02 Jul 2012

I would at least go for a 240 ish SSD and put your OS on it and page file. Keep the standard HD for storage and place any files you are editing on the SSD. Your standard HD will increase in performance as the OS and page file will not be requesting contant access. Ensure the new SSD is over 400mb/s read and write though to get the best performance. Stay clear of the hibrid unless as a second storage device. Always get a fast SSD as your OS drive. Hope this helps.

  hssutton 21:15 02 Jul 2012

Thanks for the help Mick, will probably do as you say.

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