SDIO Wi-Fi Card for PDA

  Nickoftime 12:43 14 Jan 2006

I'm looking to buy a WiFi SD card for my MyGuide Navigator 6500XL (Pocket PC with WM 2003SE)but can't find out what version of the SDIO interface I have (the supplier's - Typhoon - help line is no help). Some cards I've seen on the web mention they work with e.g. "SDIO version 1.0 with an upgrade to 1.1 on the way". So I'm thinking will a card with SDIO version 1+ spec be backwards compatible with a version 1 device in which case I go for a version 1.0 card. (But am I then missing out on some benfits of version 1+ (if I had it !) ?) Also: the SWLSDI-1100 card is very much cheaper than the others I've seen: is there a good reason for this e.g. this one uses more power than the more expensive (£60-£80) ones ?

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