sd memory,which ?

  comsuppwor 18:47 06 Jan 2004

I,ve just bought a new digital still camera 3.2 mp, It came with the 16 m card,(lot of use).I have a 64 meg card,and wondered what to get .Two
128,s advertised at £23 each, or one 256 meg at
£55.I was going to get the 128,s as I thought them cheaper and more versatile.Any thought,s.
Plus dose anyone know how many pics at high res they will hold. Here,s hoping.And all the best for the new year.Rick.

  matt1234 18:51 06 Jan 2004

well my mums bought a new sony cybershot 5mp and it has a 128mb card with it and that hold 50 i recomend buying 1 256mb card that should hold about 100+ i canrt really say thats just an estimate

  comsuppwor 19:03 06 Jan 2004

matt1234, But I think the number of megs (5) you,re mum has against my 3.2 affects the number of pics you can save ? or am I wrong !.

  Andy-2004 19:04 06 Jan 2004

ive got a 3.2 with a 128 card and i can take about 133-135(camera takes moods)


  Rayuk 19:04 06 Jan 2004

If 2 are cheaper than 1 plus as you say more versatile thats the way I would go.

Also have you checked that your camera will take the 256Mb card?.

  comsuppwor 19:16 06 Jan 2004

Andy-2004,Rayuk,cheers and no I haven,t ,but will shortly,thanks for the tip.Rick.

  comsuppwor 19:48 06 Jan 2004

Rayuk, I,ve just been to a site that say,s my Kyocera S3L will take a 516 SD card.

  anchor 19:55 06 Jan 2004

Personally I would go for two 128`s. As well as being less expensive, if one card fails, or gives problems, you have the other.

As regards the number of pics the 128 card will hold; just multiply by 8 the number of high res shots that you get on your 16Mb card.

  comsuppwor 21:39 06 Jan 2004

Ye, things are so simple when someone points it out,cheers anchor.Rick.

  comsuppwor 16:30 07 Jan 2004

Checked memory last night and get 10 shots on the 16 meg so look forward to 80 on a 128 meg cheers again anchor.Rick.

  anchor 16:49 07 Jan 2004

I wish you lots of pleasure with your new digital camera. £23 is a very good price for a 128Mb SD card; go for it.

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