SD memory card doesn't fit slot

  Momokichi 12:59 08 Sep 2006

I recently bought a digital camera and the Fujufilm 256 Digital Memrory card (SD card) does not fit the slot in my computer. The computer is Dell Dimension 5150C, bought this year.
Dell at the call centre did not understand the query, and Dell at the email site says that maybe the card is not compatible. The card is a stabdard one on sale throughout the UK.
Could the slot unit be faulty? How can I prove it is so? Any advice welcomed.

Many thanks

  Stuartli 13:05 08 Sep 2006

A Secure Digital (or MMC) memory card has a cut off in one corner and you have to be careful it is inserted the correct way.

However, also make sure that you are using the correct slot of the four available (according to the specs).

  Stuartli 13:05 08 Sep 2006

..and the right way up.....

  Momokichi 13:11 08 Sep 2006

Have tried the various ways of fitting in the card. Furthermore, the card fits into the computer at the photography shop.

  Stuartli 13:24 08 Sep 2006

>>Furthermore, the card fits into the computer at the photography shop.>>

Then you must be trying to fit it incorrectly or in the wrong slot...:-)

  keef66 13:47 08 Sep 2006

Do you mean you've tried inserting it and it won't go in, or it goes in but isn't securely held, or that the slot just looks too big for the card?

According to the Dell manual for the 5150c the SD card slot is the one on the left at the bottom. The end of the card with the metal contacts & the missing corner presumably goes in first, so you only have 2 ways of trying to insert it; label facing right and label facing left. If neither of these work I'd have to agree that the card reader is faulty.

  Stuartli 14:20 08 Sep 2006

If what keef66 is correct (and I've no reason to doubt), then your SD card should have the contacts facing upwards and the notch on the left.

You have to insert it and then push it firmly home.

  Momokichi 15:01 08 Sep 2006

The slot is obviously faulty. Can someone tell me how I can convince Dell of this, short of writing to them and getting lefal advice, as they are not taking responsibility

  The Old Mod 15:15 08 Sep 2006

Hi, why not leave the card in the camera, and plug the camera into the pc via usb, and download the images that way? It is easier that way, and no risk of of damage or loss to the card.

  ventanas 15:22 08 Sep 2006

I wouldn't recommend that. Connecting cameras can often lead to problems. Far better to use a card reader. It might just be worth buying a USB reader from somewhere, they cost next to nothing and would solve all your worries.

Just one point, you're not confusing SD with XD are you?

  keef66 15:31 08 Sep 2006

Ventanas; that's what I do; got the card reader free with the memory card.

Far simpler than messing about with the camera.

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