sd cards unable to be read....

  roadrunner63 16:15 26 Jun 2013

Hi. Having not long got back from a lovely 10 day braek on the sunny east coast of Spain, shortly after returning home, found that two of my 3 SD Cards were not being read by my computer.

I then tried using a second, & a3rd computer,& found the same problem occuring. I have used a stand alone card reader, & also a card slot on 2 of the three no avail!!

The camera i was using was a Fuji Finepix S4000,& all cards were formatted on this camera, prior to the holiday. Now, this is the interesting bit...all 3 cards can be viewed on the camera.

My problem is this, some of those pictures that i cannot download at present, have been promised to friends abroad.

It really would be appreciated, to learn how to recover those 'temporally lost images'. I know a little about computers, but not enough as i wou;ld like. It is through forums like this,& helpful tips & advice, that i learn.

Any help in this matter, would, as mentioned before, be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance for raeding this, & hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely


  chub_tor 16:31 26 Jun 2013

Most digital cameras will have a lead that can be plugged into a port on the camera with the other USB end plugged into the PC. If the camera is recognised this way then you should be able to see its contents in My Computer. Most times the pictures are in a sub folder of a folder named DCIM, if you can see the pictures in a folder you can then drag and drop them into My Pictures.

  roadrunner63 10:02 27 Jun 2013

Good morning chub_tor.

Many Thanks for your prompt reply, but unfortunately, i know what you are saying about the 'drop off point' on a digital camera, to the computer, via usb.

Again, having tried this on the 3 computers, there's NOTHING to be seen in My Computer.

The camera HASN'T been dropped. The cards HAVN'tT been tampered with (as far as i know of), & they HAVEN'T been dropped either.

A stab in the dark...! Just out of curiosity (and we know what it did to the cat!!!), is it possible the sd cards could have been damaged going in & out through customs?

BUT, in asking this, why is the camera NOT recognised by any of the computers?

Apologies for getting your Thiursday morning off to a bad start. I am trying to remain hopeful of retrieving these photos, & i am sure it will be done...with a little bit of help.

I can imagine, that it's going to be something bl**dy daft.

Yours Sincerely

  tullie 11:42 27 Jun 2013

My cameras and sd cards have been through airport scanners on numerous occasions,and havent been damaged.

  wiz-king 13:36 27 Jun 2013

On my camera you have to switch it to 'output' then turn it on while plugged in to USB for the PC to see the pictures.

  Graphicool1 14:05 27 Jun 2013

My camera is a Pentax and when I transfer my pictures to the PC I also use a USB lead. I just plug one end into the camera and the other into the PC, then turn the camera on.

Does your camera give you the ability to edit the photo's while the SD card is still in the camera? Via a screen on the back?

Has your TV got an SD slot, many have these days, mine has.

Do you have any friends with a PC, so you can try it in theirs.

Failing all else...Free SD recovery software

  chub_tor 18:11 27 Jun 2013

My next guess then is that the card that works is a standard capacity SD card and that the two that can't be seen are high capacity SDHC cards and your readers are not capable of reading them. Look at the labels on the two that do not work and compare them with the label on the card that does. Do two of them say they are SDHC? Try putting the card that does work into the camera and then connecting the camera to the PC via the USB cable. Is the camera recognised then? You might have to buy a new card reader capable of reading SDHC cards.

  Newuser4165 09:58 28 Jun 2013

Have you inadvertently encrypted the cards?

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