SD Card Problem

  Conan_1975 18:58 01 Apr 2006

this may be the wrong place to ask but I have searched all the windows smartphone site and cant get an answer.

basically my MPx220 phone can only read up to a 1GB card as I have a 2GB version half of it is unused. Is it possible to partition an SDcard and if so How does a Novice like my self do such a thing?

all help appreciated.


  Stuartli 19:11 01 Apr 2006

There is a mention of the means to create a hidden, password-protected partition at these links:

click here

click here

but whether it is applicable in this case I'm not sure.

  CLONNEN 20:34 01 Apr 2006

I didn't realise it was possible to use a larger capacity card than the device is meant to handle.

  Conan_1975 22:12 01 Apr 2006

the phone functions perfectly with a 1gb and worked quite well with a 2gb but some peeps were having problems so i recreated what they did with there cards and ended up with the same problem, I know on a chinese website some1 has partitioned there card so that when the card is incerted the phone can see storage card1 and storage card2, at 1gb apiece the phone has no trouble handling them but I do not know how to patition my hard disk let alone a SD Card

  Conan_1975 22:28 01 Apr 2006

also I have tried to correct the problem with the following reg edit


string storagelimit=512000

change to storagelimit=2500000

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