SD card incompatability with slide show frame

  collinsc 09:16 14 Dec 2007

My dad recently bought one of those small screens (not sure what they are called!) where you plug your USB stick/SD card in and it plays a picture slide show.

his camera is about 2 yrs old, and his sd card is not compatible with it. we are able to transfer pics to a USB stick, but ideally we want to be able to do this "on the go". is there anything i can do?

is there some kind of gadget which can transfer data between different SD card formats?


  Technotiger 09:34 14 Dec 2007

They are called Digital Photo Frames. Which model does he have?

Also, are you sure his camera card is SD or another type like XD/SM, CF/MD etc. From what I have seen on-line, most of these DigiFrames appear to be SD or MMC format.

  collinsc 11:01 14 Dec 2007

im 99% sure its SD.

Is there any gadget available to be able to make this work?

  collinsc 11:26 15 Dec 2007

right it is an XD card.. if i buy this... can i just slot the card into the usb stick and then plug the stick in?

click here

  Technotiger 12:08 15 Dec 2007

You could certainly buy and XD card - if it fits your USB stick OK, in any case it will fit in any multi-card reader which means you could then manipulate pictures as required.

  collinsc 12:18 15 Dec 2007

we already have the XD card in the camera. im asking... if i bu the item (see 'click here' can i insert the XD card in tha back of it? and then play the pictures from the XD card?

im 99% sure this is what the product does! but want to confirm...


  Technotiger 13:47 15 Dec 2007

Yes! you will be able to see the pics and manipulate them between cards as you wish. With the 4-in-1 card reader plugged into PC, each slot will appear as a separate Drive letter in your My Computer.

  collinsc 13:49 15 Dec 2007

Thank you. resolved

  Technotiger 13:51 15 Dec 2007

Grreat, cheers.

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