SD Card. Format Question on Defaults

  mooly 08:05 04 Oct 2010

When I go to format an SD card in Vista I choose full format and "restore defaults". This brings up FAT and "default allocation" as file type and size that will be used.

Question... are those settings something that Vista reads from the card and so enable it to format back to some "factory defaults" for that card... or... is it windows own idea of what defaults should be for a card. The file size after formatting this way is 32kb.

The option to use NTFS etc is there, and also the option of different file sizes... what do you guys and gals do ?

  woodchip 10:01 04 Oct 2010

SD cards should be formatted in the Device they are going to be used in, if a Camera it should be done in the Camera

  woodchip 10:03 04 Oct 2010

If this is a Memory Stick or card that is only used in PC then use whatever you want that works best

  mooly 11:21 04 Oct 2010

Thanks woodchip, it's a card that's used in the PC for quick backup of personal stuff.
And the PC selects FAT as it's default choice so I wonder whether it is the card telling windows to use FAT, or the PC saying "I want to use FAT" if you see what I mean.

  woodchip 11:32 04 Oct 2010

If you are getting a message to that effect I would stick to what it says. Only problem if you choose Fat32 you are stuck to file size of 4Gig for one file, so if a video it would split the file

  mooly 17:58 04 Oct 2010

Your right woodchip... I had a play and formatted the card to NTFS. Result, a card that for some reason wouldn't respond to the "safe to remove icon". Vista wouldn't let go of it... then stopped responding etc... total disaster so I had to reboot and reformat back to FAT... and all OK.

As an aside to this, and one reason I was curious was that I have a camera that clearly states max card size of 1GB. This card is a 2GB

If the card is formatted in the camera it appears to work OK in the camera. However put the card in the PC to view and it comes up with error message about the "card must be formatted to work" No way can windows explorer access anything on it.

If I format the card (FAT) in the PC it seems to work in the camera OK still, but can be read correctly in the PC. It's as if the camera can't fully format the large size, yet it can still use it... but the PC doesn't want to know.

Oh well... something new learned.

And no local outlets have 1gb or less cards around here... I can order one but it's not the point :)

  woodchip 18:23 04 Oct 2010

Third one down but dear for 1Gif SD click here=

  woodchip 18:24 04 Oct 2010

1Gig not Gif

How fast times change! not so long ago most memory cards were way less than 1 Gb! I can also remember Having a fit at seeing a 64 Mb card priced at roughly the same amount in Pounds!

  mooly 18:53 04 Oct 2010

Thanks for the link woodchip.

undyer... that's progress for you... trouble is it makes stuff obsolete before it's time.

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