Art Is Smart 17:59 23 Feb 2008

I have a 512mb SD cameracard and up until now, whenever I have wanted to transfer images from my computer to the card or from the card to the computer I have simply inserted the card into the slot in my HP Photosmart 7200 printer

now however, even though the computer still detects the card as before, when I click on the folder (DCIM) to open the card this message appears:

F:\DCIM is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.

Can somebody help me solve this problem please so I can use my camera card again?

I have an art exam in two weeks and all of those picutres are REALLY important to me.

Thanks so much..


  tullie 18:02 23 Feb 2008

Can you not put card back in camera and connect camera to computer?

  skidzy 18:08 23 Feb 2008

Put the card in the reader again.
Download Testdisk and Drive Rescue

Drive Rescue click here
Testdisk and photo rec
click here

Use these programs to scan the sd card and try to retrieve the photos.

  skidzy 18:09 23 Feb 2008

Oops sorry just noticed you said the printer has the reader....does the pc have a card reader ?

  tullie 18:26 23 Feb 2008

Me too lol

  Art Is Smart 18:36 23 Feb 2008

yes the card reader is in the printer.

i can still put photos from the card onto my computer using a lead, yes

but i need to have photos from the computer back on the card to develop in a shop.

what exactly does the error message imply?

  tullie 18:43 23 Feb 2008

Cant you take card to shop to see if card works on their machine?At least you would know if the cards ok or not.

  Art Is Smart 18:50 23 Feb 2008

no the card works fine on my camera

i think i might be able to find a solution if the message made sense?


i really appreciate your help

if my art coursework sells for millions..yuou can have a share of the profit.


  skidzy 18:51 23 Feb 2008

Why not burn the photos on the computer to cd ?
The shop will develop them from the cd.

  Art Is Smart 19:03 23 Feb 2008

my CD burner recently broke


just the whole convenience of being able to just drag and drop files into the folder by slotting it into the printer is what i really need back.

all of your suggestions are really appreciated.


any ideas how to solve the parameter problem?

  realist 19:23 23 Feb 2008

Sometimes this message occurs because the card is not seated properly in the reader try taking it out and pushing it back in a few times it may work then.

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