scvhost.exe - please help

  NotVeryTechie 15:24 15 Apr 2008

Hi there

My sister's computer stopped working on the weekend, the first thing to go was the internet connection, so she has asked me for help getting info. We think it is possible that the scvhost has infected the computer (or something similar). Is there now a fix for this and a proper scan - there seem to be lots of places on the net with info and scans but not all look on the up and up - one downloaded a naughty pic onto my comp. I don't want to take a chance.

If this had infected the system, could it also be on pendrives and backup cds created since the infection? How do you check and get rid of it? I believe that normal virus scans don't see it.

Hope you can help!

  mfletch 15:28 15 Apr 2008


Download SAS Superantispyware and do a full scan in safe mode,

SAS is a trusted antispyware program,

click here


  birdface 15:42 15 Apr 2008

Svchost.exe.If spelling is different it will either be a virus or trojan.

  NotVeryTechie 15:46 15 Apr 2008

I know that it is a trojan. My question was whether there is a fix available for it. I have a LONG set of instructions to try to fix it, but wanted to know (as it has been around a while) if there was a fix available.

Also, can it infect things like pen drives???? That could spread the problem.

I would urge you not to attempt a cure on your own. If you have an infected computer then go to a reputable site to have it looked at and, if possible, cured.

Malware University, Castle Cops, Bleeping Computer are just 3 of the voluntary sites that could help you.
MRU - click here

Castle Cops - start here. click here

Bleeping Computer - start here, click here


  NotVeryTechie 21:57 15 Apr 2008

Thank you, good suggestion.

Anyone know if these trojans will infect something like a pen drive and how do you find out if it has been affected? I downloaded the SAS as suggested above and it works like a charm, but doesn't seem to have a selection box to scan peripherals.

  Covergirl 22:04 15 Apr 2008

Plenty of info on svchost.exe - just Google it. Here's one click here that shows lots of information if you can disseminate the wall of blue text.

Free registry scanner to determine whether it's legit or not click here

Offical Microsoft infomation click here

  NotVeryTechie 22:10 15 Apr 2008

I checked out all those sites and they are really good, I have also searched extensively and I can't find an answer to my question. Not in language I can understand. So I really need help, please!

If this is a file that infects windows processes and hides itself then how on earth do you figure out if it has put itself somewhere on your backup cd or your flash drive? I have read that most virus scans don't find it.

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