scsi id

  swapper 11:55 09 Aug 2004

My cdr/rw which I am having problems with has a scsi id of 0 (zero), and my dvd drive as 1 (one), does this sound right please?

  LastChip 12:10 09 Aug 2004

If it's a home computer, it's unusual to have SCSI drives. Can you confirm the drives are SCSI?

  Diemmess 12:14 09 Aug 2004

If both devices are SCSI, look for jumpers or dipp switches on the CDRW and try changing it to 2. From memory I think 0 should be reserved for the host(SCSI)card.

  johnsims 12:28 09 Aug 2004

Lots of modern optical writer/rewriter drives are listed as SCSI devices despite being on IDE cables. If you have a SCSI card it usually defaults to a SCSI ID of zero, and other devices take up from there. If you do not have a SCSI card in your box (or a Promise IDE controller card or similar as these are also listed as SCSI devices) then the CD being listed as SCSI device 0 should not cause any problems. If you do have a SCSI card it should be pretty easy to adjust the SCSI ID numbers using the utility that came with the card itself.

  john-232317 15:13 09 Aug 2004

On my old machine the SCSI card was on 7 with the ability to have six internal and seven external devices, i don't think the numbers are relevant unless duplicated. My CD was 0, cdrw 1 etc.You should be able to change the numbers in the bios, as far as i can remember.
What is the problem with the CD ??

  swapper 20:00 09 Aug 2004

Sometimes I dunno where I am coming from :-((

I opened a file and saw "Lite-on LTR 32123S
SCSI ID 0 - atapi - Adapter Number 0, the DVD rom SCSI ID is 1.

Now I cannot find where I got that tit bit from?! its not my PC its me :-( cracking up

I have had a look in the PC and have seen that the drives are indeed connected via IDE cables, the DVD Rom (E drive)is connected to IDE No.1 on the mother board and the CD Rom (D drive)is to IDE No.2 on the mother board. (does that make sense)

While attempting to sort things out, I have uninstalled the drives, removed the cables etc from these drives, and reinstalled.

Everthing was working fine until I messed about with Nero 5. OEM (lots of lessons learned here).

The situation now is that I do not get a flicker of life via the cursor from these drives when I place a disc into them. (usually I got a disc imposed on it when the drive started)

  johnsims 20:04 09 Aug 2004

So where are your hard drives connected?

What OS are you running?

As I said earlier, CD Writers are often shown as atapi scsi devices. My own lite on CDRW is shown as such as is my DVD ROM drive.

  swapper 20:20 09 Aug 2004

Thanks everyone, as I was responding earlier, it made me wonder, and I have found that I had replaced the IDE cables into the wrong slots, everything is working normally now, I did this weeks ago without noticing, and have had this problem ever since.

I feel really chuffed about this, so thanks everyone for the nudge in the right direction.

  john-232317 21:39 09 Aug 2004

Glad you got it sorted ;-))

Like lastchip says, not much scsi stuff about now

  swapper 07:13 10 Aug 2004

Dam and Blast, I switched on this morning, and found I am back to square one, the Autorun will not start (one of my minor problems).
When I found that the system appeared to be working o.k. I made a restore point, I have restored back to that, but no change? why would the system pick up o.k. with a cable change and revert back to its original problem?

  swapper 07:18 10 Aug 2004

Sorry I should have mentioned:-
Windows - WinXP Home edition (with SP1).
Processor - AMD Athlon XP1800 + DDR CPU
System Board - EP-8K3A+ AMD KT333, VT8233A DDR2700 UDMA 133/Raid
Memory - 256 MB Samsung PC2700 DDR 333MHZ CL2.5
Video Card - 64MB Gainward GeForce4 Power Pack
MX440 Pro/600TV
120GXP ATA100 7200rpm/2MB Cache

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