SCSI HDD problem not recognised by XP

  Catastrophe 14:45 25 Aug 2005

I just received a SCSI HDD from eBay and it has verified completely error free. Ther board is 11 and I have jumpered the HDD to 2.

It is recognised perfectly at Boot but does not show in XP.

This is the first time I have made a SCSI connection in XP - is there something I am missing?

Many thanks in advance for any comments.


  jimv7 15:04 25 Aug 2005

Start/control panel/Administartive tools/Computer management/Disk management/ and format the drive.

  Catastrophe 15:14 25 Aug 2005

Thanks jimv7. I am getting somewhere!

At least it shows up as Unknown Not initialised Unallocated and is grey. I do not see any Format options.

  Diemmess 15:21 25 Aug 2005

....but when I had a SCSI HD it needed a host card - PCI to SCSI + enabling BIOS to read it.

Once that was done Windows thru 95,98 and 2K recognised it as any other HD.

  dan11 15:27 25 Aug 2005

What options do you get when you right click the un-allocated space? If you have " create new partition", take that option.

  Catastrophe 16:35 25 Aug 2005


Yes, I have a Tekram card through which it is connected. I have used SCSI for years - it is just XP I have only started using.


Right click on it shows Help Properties and (greyed out) New partition.

  dan11 18:23 25 Aug 2005

So the only option/ options are help and properties? Or Help Properties !

If you click on properties, what does it give you?

  Catastrophe 08:16 26 Aug 2005


Help and Properties are separate.

Under properties:

This device is working properly

Disk 1
Type unknown
Status Not initialised
Capacity 17500 MB
Unallocated 17500 MB
Reserved space 0 MB

As well as driver, drive is identified as:
IBM DDYS-T18350N SCSI Disk Device.

What does the not initialised mean??


  Diemmess 10:02 26 Aug 2005

Non brilliant idea No 1 "initialised" - isn't that the fundamental start point declaring the partition of a HD? - setting out the stall prior to formatting?

Dim idea No 2 - "I just received a SCSI HDD from eBay and it has verified completely error free. Ther board is 11 and I have jumpered the HDD to 2. "........... It isn't clear (to me)just how you managed to verify it, and the "board number" - I have an Adaptec SCSI card accessible by Cntrl A at bootup, but your card is probably very different.

Sorry if these ideas seem all wrong to the expert, but I hope it may throw up a better course of action from just waving ideas about.

  Catastrophe 10:14 26 Aug 2005


No cause for apology. All ideas gratefully received, :)

1. I did use F-disk and 98 startup disk but HDD was not recognised in DOS.

2. "It isn't clear (to me)just how you managed to verify it"

There is a facility accessible at boot with a 'verify' option. I used that.

Any ideas on initialise anyone please?

  Diemmess 11:21 26 Aug 2005

Dim idea No 3...... A slow, labour intensive way.

Disconnect main HD.... In the BIOS change first boot device to floppy, and second boot device to SCSI......... Boot with the 98 startup disk in the slot.....and hope that the SCSI HD is now available for FDISK and Format !!

If this works then obviously pop things back as they were so that the PC boots normally.

(I don't have XP but numerous threads imply that it has its own way of doing things and anyway doesn't use DOS. This is my excuse for going back to the Stone Age trail so to speak)

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