scsi 160

  karmgord 13:00 17 Oct 2003

how does a scsi 160 10k rpm 8mb cache harddrive compare to serial ata or ata133? for transfer rates generally,assuming similar size and spec

  mrdsgs 15:41 17 Oct 2003

as arough guide serial ata is 150 and ata 133 is obviously 133 and SCSI 160 is 160 but only if your scsi adaptor card supports a 160mbit speed. (newer/more expensive ones do) These are often referred to as LVD.

The 8 mb cache and 10000rpm makes it fast, though 15000rpm drives exist.

so, in brief, your scsi drive would be the fastest in theory but in reality i doubt you will notive any difference across the three types.

Faster speeds will be noticed if you use two or four identical disks in a RAID 0 array. This could effectively double or triple your access and write/read speeds.

However, unless writing very large files you will not notice massive differences.

On cost grounds the best value for money would be 2 RAID 0 ATA133 drives.


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