K*B 16:23 25 May 2010

Hello, I need to leave my pc clean for the next officer who will take over in using it. Obviously I will have to delete all my stuff from the hdd, but I also want to scrub it clean in order not to leave any traces of the stuff I would have deleted. Can someone recommend a good scrubbing tool to use? Thanks.

  bremner 16:27 25 May 2010

eraser click here

  mfletch 16:28 25 May 2010

[email protected] Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser

click here

  rawprawn 18:36 25 May 2010

I have used Eraser for many years currently 5.8.7, but when I have loaded the new 6 series it gives me freezing problems (Windows 7) I have looked on the net and there are many with this problem.
The older version 5.8.7 works very well
click here

  wiz-king 19:23 25 May 2010

Leave him/her the opperating system and work programs though.

  K*B 15:26 30 May 2010

Thanks friends, but all I really need to do is erase all my data on the pc, I want to erase all traces of me on that pc. The programs can remain because they're for work any way. Thanks.

  bremner 16:54 30 May 2010

Thats what eraser does.

You can securely delete all your files with up to 35 times overwriting. Then wipe all the unallocated areas of the disk in a similar fashion.

Use ccleaner click here as well with the option set to overwrite and this will clean Internet Histories, cache, TIF & registry.

This leaves all the operating system and application files untouched.

  K*B 15:34 31 May 2010

Thank you very much. You've been helpful.

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