Scrolling operations - I can hear them!

  DocP 17:54 06 Jun 2007

I have a Dell Precision with XP Pro and a Gina3G digital sound card. Recently I have noticed that I can faintly hear certain operations which are - of course - normally silent. The best example is during scrolling a list of files in explorer, though if I listen carefully I can hear individual arrow keystrokes. The sound is coming via the card->amp->loudspeakers.

I had this 20 years ago with an Amstrad 1512 (remember them?), when I convinced myself the sound came from the processor, not it's little speaker.

Everything else is fine, so I am just curious, and wonder if anyone else has noticed this.


  wee eddie 18:37 06 Jun 2007

Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices > Sounds

  DocP 15:25 07 Jun 2007

Yep - tried all settings on sound scheme - makes no difference. Sound is currently heard via digital sound card. I could remove this to see if sound defaults to internal speaker, but that would mean moving the piano, getting under my desk and a re-installation, and I'm not sure how many years I have left on this earth... I suspect it would default to speaker.

  wee eddie 17:45 07 Jun 2007

I seem to remember, in the days when I thought that others would be impressed by a fancy Desktop, that I tried several before reverting to the Standard one.

I had Cats miaowing, Cars accelerating & skidding, Birds twittering and Lions roaring.

Maybe this sound comes with your chosen Desktop and Mouse Pointer.

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