Scroll problem

  Jak_1 16:20 14 Feb 2008

In what seems to be an intermittent problem but annoying, when I use the scroll bar or sroll wheel to scroll down a page, the cursor then returns to the top of the page. This is happening in both IE6 and Firefox. I have tried CCleaner and Adaware97 in case there was any malware causing the problem to no avail. Mouse settings in the control panel are as they should be. This has only just begun happening today and I have not visited any websites other than the ones I always use. AVG has not found any viruses even with the latest update, today.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

  Technotiger 16:30 14 Feb 2008

only just begun happening today .......

try a System Restore back to yesterday, or the first available Restore Point.

  Jak_1 16:35 14 Feb 2008

Thanks for the reply, that had crossed my mind but thought I would explore other avenues first.

  Jak_1 20:23 14 Feb 2008

Resorted to a system restore. Things seem ok now except for the odd intermittent quirk in the scroll. Maybe a new mouse is required, this one is nearly 5 years old and has touchpad scrolling rather than wheel scrolling.

  Jak_1 21:07 14 Feb 2008

Just when you think things have setled down it comes back with a vengence! Re-booting settles it for a while then wham. The page auto scrolls back to the top again. Does not make it easy trying towrite the problem here having to scroll back down to the text box every few seconds!

  Technotiger 21:16 14 Feb 2008

Hmm, perhaps a shiny new meece is needed!

  estabond 19:56 03 Apr 2008

I have been experiencing similar problems in the last two or three weeks and wonder if a MS update has introduced a bug as this is the only likely culprit given my activity.

  estabond 08:30 27 Apr 2008

(Using XP SP2)
1.I tried uninstall mouse then plug and play reinstall, with no joy. Scrolling getting really erratic, jumping up and down even when I was far away.
2.I thought it might be storing my scroll movements and working by delayed action, but this was disproved.
3.No joy unless wheel not allowed in mouse properties.
4.Could it be a wheel cleaning thing? (On the roller ball mouse the rollers need period de-fluffing, but could find no way of clearing possible 'crud' from the scroll-wheel)
5.Finally bought new optical mouse and it seems to have cured the problem.
This after 12 hours may be a rash statement.

Hope this may be helpful to anyone still suffering.

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