Scroll Lock button

  jz 20:02 05 May 2004

Does anyone know the purpose of the scroll lock button on a PC keyboard? Am I missing out by not using it?

  VoG II 20:10 05 May 2004
  Pesala 21:02 05 May 2004

However, maybe you never noticed the context menu key either. I didn't for a year or two. Look between Right Control and Right Windows key. Press that one.

  Pesala 21:04 05 May 2004

You're not missing out.

  interzone55 21:23 05 May 2004

There are 2 things I use the Scroll Lock key, switch between PCs using my Belkin KVM Switch box, this allows me to use up to 8 PCs with one monitor, keyboard & mouse by hitting Scroll Lock twice followed by the up or down cursor key.
Also when using Excel spreadsheets, turning scroll lock on means the cursor keys move you around the sheet without moving the cursor, handy for seeing the cells a formula applies to without moving focus away from the cell. THe scroll wheel has made this feature largely redundant, especially now some Micro$oft mice now have a tilt function for sideways scrolling.

btw While were on the subject, PrtScr copies the desktop to the clipboard. and Alt+PrtScr copies the active window to the clipboard, fantastic for screen shots when you're making software tutorials.

What does Pause/Break do?

  VoG II 21:25 05 May 2004

Read my click here.

  jz 22:16 05 May 2004

Thanks everyone.

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