Script errors internet explorer 10

  electroplater 15:44 04 May 2013

I have been plagued with the script error box over the last few days. I am running Win 8 pro with IE10 with all current updates. I have looked at "internet options/advanced" and have script debugging, in ie and other, disabled and have not ticked "display a notification..." I have tried stopping my Bitdefender antivirus and firewall. I have checked that the latest versions of java and direct x are loaded. I do not get script errors when running my alternative google chrome browser. I normally run internet explorer from a classic desktop when I get script errors but if I run IE from the metro desktop I get no errors, if I click on "run on desk top" the errors start immediately. Any suggestions or should I give in and run chrome from the desk top?

  northumbria61 22:12 04 May 2013

Try running IE 10 with no add-ons to see if that is the problem. If IE 10 then works okay you will have to enable each one in turn until you find the culprit.

  northumbria61 22:14 04 May 2013

To run 32-bit Internet Explorer with no add-ons, try the following command in Run box.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -extoff

  Unspun96 22:54 04 May 2013

I started having trouble with the same thing on 2 seperate machines, both Windows 7, one with ie10 one with ie9. 2 seperate machines not networked together, right donwn to 2 seperate internet connections. I was baffled. I've been running Bitdefender. All debugging, etc in ie options correctly checked. Ran malwarebytes. Came up with nothing. Ran spybot - nothing. Thought I was going to have to reformat. Loaded firefox - no problems. Uninstalled Bitdefender and went back to Kaspersky - (I have used K until around 9 months ago when I switched to Bitdefender). Now IE appears to work without annoying script error box pop-ups as well. I think an update with bitdefender must be the issue.

  northumbria61 15:41 05 May 2013

I think an update with bitdefender must be the issue.

It certainly looks that way.

  electroplater 15:51 05 May 2013

northumbria61,Unspun96. Thank you for your suggestions. I have run IE without the addons with no effect but I seem to have cured the problem by doing a repair install on Bitdefender. Going to add/remove programs on clicking on remove brings up a box with the repair choice. I am still left wondering what the difference is between IE on the classic desktop an IE on the metro desktop (where I can never find anything!).

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