screws too tight on hard drive enclosure

  richierich 11:56 12 Dec 2010

replacing h/drive in an HP laptop, I have removed the old drive, its is in a sort of cover case with 4 small screws. One of the screws I have managed to undo but the other 3 are so tight I have broken a screwdriver trying to losen them, I fear stripping the screw slots, any recomendations on how to losen please.

  Diemmess 12:08 12 Dec 2010

... but if it is merely a matter of removing the HD from a cradle make sure you are using a good screwdriver with the correct point.

Damaging a screwdriver is quite difficult to do unless it was a cheapo one from a box with 99 others and a host of sockets?

Most of anything I want to do is done using one of two small Posidrives.

If in doubt take the HD with you to a toolshop.

  MAT ALAN 12:34 12 Dec 2010

Perseverance i'm afraid as Diemmess has already suggested make sure the screwdriver fits well.
Actually tightening the screws slightly might help, you will find they are probably fixed with a small amount of thread lock so any release agent won't help(probably not a good idea anyway)...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:52 12 Dec 2010

A drop of wd40? and leave to penatrate for a few minutes

click here

click here

  MAT ALAN 12:57 12 Dec 2010

Just done a bit of searchin and WD40 DOES disolve thread lock so that might be the way to go (carefully)

  richierich 13:37 12 Dec 2010

I have the correct and good quality screw drivers but the 3 screws are just stuck solid. I have put my new harddrive in without the cover and it seems ok, not rattling around or anything but i would like to remove it from the old drive so i can put it in an enclosure., maybe i can get a replacement cover from HP.
I will try wd40 tommorow.
thanks for all replies, any other suggestions gratefully recieved.

  Spark6 14:57 12 Dec 2010

First question: are the 4 screws fixing the drive into the 'cover case? i.e. through the side of the case into the drive.
Second question: is the drive expendable? If so the screw heads can be ground, drilled or filed off.

In your opening post you mentioned the screw slots, usually the screws are posidrive and, as previously mentioned, you need the correct screwdriver.

Another method I have used in the past, but not on a hard drive I hasten to add, is to 'tap' the handle of the driver with a hammer while turning the driver. This shocks the screw and often will succeed. Good luck.

  PalaeoBill 18:33 12 Dec 2010

Something like this click here#

may give the leverage you need.

  richierich 18:37 12 Dec 2010

yes, the screws go through the side of the caddy into the h/drive.
although not vital, i would like to keep the old drive , maybe put it in an enclosure.
I mentioned screw slots but i meant the posidrive type and yes i was using the correct screwdriver, one screw came undone without much trouble, just the other 3 are stuck.
I will try the wd40 tommorow and then get more "agressive" with it.

  tonyq 18:50 12 Dec 2010

sometimes a sharp tap/blow to the end of the screw driver helps when trying to loosen a screw. It may be worth a try if nothing else works.

  mooly 19:09 12 Dec 2010

Used to come across this problem all the time as a repair tech.
Depending on materials perhaps holding soldering on screw for a few seconds, then try. That often works and melts any threadlock.
As has been stated, you MUST have the absolute correct driver.
Try tightening first too, to break any seal.

If all fails and the screw is accessible then last resort is gripping it very tightly with small sharp cutters and turning... that never fails as long as there is something to get hold of ;)

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