Screenshots of movie playing in MS Media Player?

  Griffon 14:57 23 Jan 2005

How does one get screen shots from a movie playing in Windows Media Player? ctrl i doesn't appear to work anymore, nor print screen and neither does my Wisdon-soft Screen Hunter software - I just get a black screen where the video should be. Does anyone know how to do this? Some internet sources suggest disabling hardware acceleration. This does not work. Others suggest it is an attempt by MS to prevent theft of copywrite material. Since I just want to get some screen shots off a video shot by a friend for posting on his website the latter does not apply. Any suggestions much appreciated. I have windows media player 10 working in XP.

  GroupFC 15:06 23 Jan 2005

I don't know about getting screenshots from mediaplayer - but one way of getting the pictures would be to use windows moviemaker (which comes with XP). MM has a snapshot facility which enbles you to get a picture from a video.

  powerless 15:15 23 Jan 2005

No doubt you have some Software like PowerDVD, WinDVD etc? ...these can capture the video :-)

  Griffon 16:35 23 Jan 2005

Thanks. Unfortunately windows movie maker doesn't open VOB files, which this movie is, and I don't have windvd or powerdvd. Maybe I could convert it to mpeg or something?

  Pidder 16:37 23 Jan 2005

Do you have Exifviewer? I find that using this to view thumbnails, then clicking on a movie thumbnail, it opens in a small window, then click on the image to stop it where you want, then "file" gives the "save as" option. You can also move through the image by dragging the bottom line. This is with 98SE.

  Griffon 20:19 23 Jan 2005

Just found that after all I do have PowerDVD lurking in the bowels of my PC. This seems to work when I use it in combination with Screen Hunter which allows me to clip out the part of the scene I want and paste it into my image processing package for resizing etc. I can't find a direct way to clip the full video screen capture out of PowerDVD by using some command, like ctrl I or whatever, but this is not absolutely necessary now anyway. Thanks for your help.

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