L1LLY 14:51 28 Apr 2005

when i go to choose a screensaver in windows xp then click the drop down menu there is a screensaver there called websearch screensaver .. how do i delete this out of my screensavers as it was put on by websearch when i tried to download one of their fish tank screensavers & all they did was try to put loads of viruses on my pc .. i have dealt with all this but dont know how to get their screensaver out of my screensaver drop down list .. please help .. thank you

  Earthworm 15:00 28 Apr 2005

have you tried add/ remove program in windows or search for screensaver and then delete it

  TomJerry 15:01 28 Apr 2005

run two great spy remove software: spybot click here, adaware click here

search your C: to find files with .scr extension and delete bad guys

  SANTOS7 15:02 28 Apr 2005

click here
this will help,good luck..

  L1LLY 16:19 28 Apr 2005

there is nothing in add/remove or when i do a search .. i have also used microsoft antispyware which is what removed it for me but it is saying there is nothing there even though the screensaver is .. i like the look of the screensaver remover but i dont understand the instructions on the site, can you explain please santos 7 .. thank you

  gudgulf 16:38 28 Apr 2005

Try doing a search.....go to Start and select Search.Choose to search all files and folders and type this into the search field


That's the file extension for your screensavers.You should get a list of whats there.Look through it carefully until you find the one from websearch or fishtank,right click it and you should be able to delete it.

  L1LLY 10:32 29 Apr 2005

gudgulf .. thank u that worked a treat .. doin a search for screensavers alone didnt work but once i followed ur advice & put in .scr up came the culprit .. thank u again .. lilly

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