Screensaver problem;MS ones activate, but no other

  Channel 16:15 21 Mar 2009

I had a screensaver working perfectly for months,then it stopped activating and I uninstalled it.I then installed another free one to try-no virus-but it won't activate.So I tried another from another source,and it won't work either.However, the Windows supplied ones-flower box, etc, work perfectly.I can't see why.I tried System Restore in case an installation had affected it, but no joy.I would like to use a different one.I have XP.

  RFB 19:53 21 Mar 2009

Lots of info here... click here

  Channel 20:49 21 Mar 2009

Thanks, much to digest and try.Will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

  Channel 20:31 22 Mar 2009

I've tried the advice given but without success.(I backed up the registry first.)I put the screensaver folder into Windows\System32,and deleted the double ""before its name,but, to my surprise,when I next looked the "" were back, and the screensaver tab in computer Properties said "None" again.I expect I shall have to uninstall the screensaver, and use My Pictures as one instead-that is working all right.

  brundle 20:55 22 Mar 2009

"I put the screensaver folder into Windows\System32" - there shouldn't be a folder for screensavers, Windows just looks for *.scr files in Windows\System32 itself

  Channel 22:08 22 Mar 2009

Sorry-slip of the mouse ! It wasn't a folder,but the screensaver itself *.scr I put in Systen32.

  brundle 20:00 23 Mar 2009

Copy the <your screensaver>.scr file to the desktop, rename it <your screensaver>.exe, double click the the file, does it work?
.scr files are just .exe files renamed

  Channel 11:39 24 Mar 2009

It installed it-to Windows folder, not System32, so I cut and pasted it to System32.It still wouldn't activate,and the screensaver tab again showed "none".I'll try installing a different screensaver, and see what happens.Let you know.

  Channel 12:01 24 Mar 2009

I have now installed a different screensaver, and it's working perfectly; so I guess it's the fault of the other one, which I'll uninstall.Thanks to those who helped; I shall keep the info I printed about screensaver problems.
click here is very informative.

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