Screen takes ages to come on !?!

  sue.m 16:23 22 Jun 2007

Hi all,

Using a dell pc, about 5 years old, with xp students/teachers and System Mechanic Professional 7. Local disc(C) properties are:-
Used 18.6GB and Free 18.5GB.

When I power up the pc, I can hear all the noises running in the background but screen stays blank for about 15 minutes. When it finally comes on it works fine!

Strangely, my neighbour is having the same problem!

Any ideas what is causing this?


Sue XxX

  rawprawn 16:43 22 Jun 2007

Can you borrow another screen? (not your neighbours!) and see if there is a difference?

  sue.m 17:49 22 Jun 2007

Yes, I could try my brothers when he gets back from holiday.
Could it just be the screen on its way out?

Sue XxX

  uesquebeathus 17:57 22 Jun 2007

do you know how much free space there is left on your hard drive something is really wrong with what you are saying:-

System Mechanic Professional 7. Local disc(C) properties are:-
Used 18.6GB and Free 18.5GB.

drive C is normally the main system drive where the operating system is stored, WINDOWS XP can be 3GB and more (Windows folder size on my own computer is 3.5GB), almost everything is stored on C Drive, unless you personally save files on another drive.
how many drives are there in your computer ?
what is the operating system ?
what is the specification, manufacturer,ram quantity, CPU ,

  rawprawn 18:15 22 Jun 2007

Possibly, it is worth testing anyway.

  ambra4 06:40 23 Jun 2007

Is it using a on board display card or a add on card

If add on re-seat display card if on board reinstall the driver

You can also re-seat the memory

Is your neighbour machine the same

  281apple 09:28 23 Jun 2007

Try this: THE CONNECTION IS NOT A DVI ONE, shut down your pc. Disconnect the cable to your monitor and from your pc. CHECK FOR DUST! Then, reconnect the cable and give it a try.

  sue.m 12:14 05 Jul 2007

Sorry for not getting back to you all sooner - monitor finally gave up!

Got a new one now and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Thanks for your help

Sue XxX

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