Screen Starts only upon “Reset”

  BriR 21:29 01 Nov 2005

Athlon XP 2000+ 1.67GHz 512Mb RAM /XPHomeSP2 (OS Partitioned - with restore disc) iiyama 17” LCD Monitor

When I power up everything seems normal, tower light comes on, I get a beep, floppy / dvd / cdrw drive lights flash, HDD light flashes and although I know the OS loads, the monitor screen stays black and the monitor power light amber. Tried turning monitor on/off etc but still no screen, so I resort to the tower reset button.

At first I used to press the ‘reset’ button and go through the above sequence maybe 3 or 4 times before the monitor light turned green and screen finally came on (I know each time I press reset the OS loads even though I can’t ‘see’ anything) but then I found instead of resetting 3 or 4 times, if I power up and just leave it for 4 or 5 minutes, the screen will then come on at the 1st reset and also if I power down for a short time, say half an hour or so and then power back up, everything is ok and screen comes on first time, but when I power down for a longer time or overnight, same problem again on start up.

Any help/ ideas would be appreciated. I’ve had my monitor manual out and done all the suggested troubleshoots etc but the monitor diagnostics always check out ok. I've also done a complete restore so must be hardware prob??

Don’t know if it’s related or a separate problem but every time I try to play a game, within 30 secs of it loading I get a freeze – doesn’t matter which game, they’re all the same… can only get out of it with a reset.


  Splork 21:47 01 Nov 2005

Does the monitor display a picture if you hit DEL at bootup and leave the PC on the BIOS screen for a while?

  wee eddie 00:45 02 Nov 2005

It would display a sign to that effect and you could examine the Graphics card.

You get your POST beep, so that's OK.

Have you tried booting in Safe Mode yet. I think this must be a Windows thing, but I have no idea what at the present.

  BriR 01:38 02 Nov 2005

I dont really know how to answer that because the screen is blank - period.
Consequently I don't see the(white on black)info which runs at pre/post BIOS and because I cant see it, I wouldn't know precisely when to hit DEL to enter BIOS even if I wanted to.

I do know the routine loads as normal because after perhaps 5 mins when I get a screen on (it never comes on on its own, I always have to press the tower reset)I can tell by Event Viewer that the OS, AV, FWall, Modem etc all loaded at the original startup... but it dont tell me anything was wrong!

  BriR 02:13 02 Nov 2005

Just thinking out loud but didnt think there was anything wrong with boot because it seems to be booting ok even though I cant see it.
Regret 'safe mode' means nothing to me because as mentioned at the beginning, I'm XPhome Partitioned with a Restore disc, so I dont have the option of that 'safe mode' malarky. lol.

Sorry for the negatives - appreciate any effort.

  Splork 07:21 02 Nov 2005

Sounds to me like your on-board video/video card is at fault - especially with the games crashing too. Have you tried running the DXDiag tests when you have a display? Startmenu/Run, type `dxdiag`

  wee eddie 08:17 02 Nov 2005

Try repeatedly hitting either F8 or F5 while you are booting.

I was under the impression that all windows setups had the Safe Mode option.

  BriR 13:20 02 Nov 2005

Yep done dxdiag and all that type of thing dunno what to do now. I'm convinced its not the monitor itself.

  CODEYE 21:00 02 Nov 2005

I had a problem similar to yours (Ihad to press reset to continue boot up)I checked that the graphics card was firmly in its slot and since then i've had no more problem. touch wood!
Worth a try.

  BriR 01:58 03 Nov 2005

eddie I cant Bleve it, In the 2½ years I've had this system NOBODY, nor any system literature I hold, has ever mentioned F5... only F8

Ive tried F8 on scores of occasions to no avail and assumed it was because I was on partition and didnt have an actual XP disc. So I tried F5 and suddenly there's me in safe mode. My Gob has neva been so smacked!!

Its late now but tomorrow I'll try dxdiag in safe and in particular the <display> tab and see what it throws up. I know it says everythings ok in ordinary dxdiag.

NEways Thanx M8

I Think I Luv U <Churchill> eddie... Oi, Steady Now!!

  BriR 13:23 03 Nov 2005

Ran DxDiag in ORDINARY MODE and the when I click the <display> tab it shows:
Device: nVidia GeForce4 Mx440 Display: 1024 x 768 - and then its lists all its details, chip type, driver info, date, etc.

Then ran again in SAFE MODE and when I click the <display> tab it shows:
“Device: N/A Display 1024 x x768
Main Driver: vga.dll version: 5.01.2600.0000 date: 18/8/2001
WHQL : Yes Mini VDD: vga.sys. DDI Version: Unknown
Note: The system is using the Generic video driver. Please install video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer.
Direct Draw Test Results Successful.
Direct 3D functionality not available – you should verify that the driver is a final version from the hardware manufacturer.”

So I tried both the following actions:
(i) I reloaded the original Display Driver (from a cd) originally supplied to me by the OEM - this made no difference and again I ran both the same DxDiag runs as above and got the same answers.
(ii) I went to the nVidia website and downloaded the latest drivers for my Card/System - this made no difference and again I ran both the same DxDiag runs as above and got the same answers.

Does this mean its the end of the line for my video card…

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