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  carper 14:11 26 Apr 2008

Hi, Could someone please instruct me on how to make a screen shot and attach it to an E-Mail. I used to have Fastone capture but I didn't use it very often and lost it when it became a "paid for" programme.
Any help appreciated. Regards Carper

  DieSse 14:19 26 Apr 2008

Personally I use MWSnap - it's free. click here

You're correct that Fastone is not Freeware - it's Shareware, therefore free to try only.

  brundle 14:40 26 Apr 2008

Last free version of FSCapture (5.3); click here

Select Email from the FSCapture interface; click here

  wis 15:30 26 Apr 2008

or to keep you going for now
press prtscn key, nothing will happen
then start accessories paint edit menu paste
and theres your screen grab
save as jpeg, attacth to e mail

  beeuuem 17:37 26 Apr 2008

I like Gadwin Printscreen free version from click here

  rdave13 18:37 26 Apr 2008

Agree with beeuuem, Gadwin version 4.3 freeware.

  DrScott 07:44 27 Apr 2008

just press Printscreen on your keyboard, and click paste in a imaging application like Irfanview.

Why bother with more software?

  carper 09:31 27 Apr 2008

Thanks for all your help particularly that I have been able to get Fastone capture back as I have used it before. Thanks again regards Carper

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