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  SMB Systems 00:36 11 Mar 2003

Hi Guys,

I hope you lot can help, following a recent system upgrade involving msi-745 ultra mobo, xp2000+ and 512mb DDR 266 ram, I have found that when using my Samtron 55E monitor at [email protected] my screen seems to shimmer horizontally when the system is "working".

I have tried different refresh rates, colour depths, resolutions, checked all cabling and updated drivers, have tried to find degauss for monitor but can't (not important) and now need some inspiration, graphics is Innovision GeForce 2 mx 400 64mb with tv-out and is same card as before above upgrade and worked without problem.

I haven't changed monitor but current screen worked before.

Thanks for any help

  SMB Systems 00:38 11 Mar 2003

I meant to say I am running Windows XP Home Edition.

  Forum Editor 00:53 11 Mar 2003

you should be seeing a rock-steady display, and the fact that you aren't, and that differnet refresh rates don't improve matters points to something badly amiss.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "...seems to shimmer horizontally" and I wonder if you could elaborate on that?

I assume you've checked that the graphics card is properly seated in its slot?

  SMB Systems 01:00 11 Mar 2003

Have tried refrsh rates from 60hz to 90hz and all present same problem, have checked graphics is seated properly.

It is very hard to describe but...
I mean it looks like the display is flickering or vibrating but you can still read the text it seems more to be the white background, it is almost like ripples in water but in lines up and down the screen.

It is more a minor annoyance rather than a problem that stops me using the pc.

Thanks for any help

  SMB Systems 01:55 11 Mar 2003


  assessor 02:06 11 Mar 2003

have you placed one of your speakers close to the monitor or anything magnetic.
Magnetic fields will interfere with monitors and produce a similar effect as you appear to describe

  « Ravin » 02:53 11 Mar 2003

the signal from a hand phone will have this effect . and also heavy duty electrical items mae sure there isn't anything like a microwave nearbye or maybe even behind the wall where your computer is placed

  SMB Systems 14:20 11 Mar 2003

No I do have speakers next to the monitor but they have always been there and that hasn't changed and the computer is miles from the kitchen and i live in a corner room so behind the wall is outside.

Thanks for the suggestions and please keep them coming.

  SMB Systems 18:13 11 Mar 2003


  A15 18:22 11 Mar 2003

I have suffered this problem, in fact I still do. If my brother is watching his television in the other room I get this flickering effect or if somebody switches on the hoover downstairs!
The only thing I have found that helps is a UPS, this helped a lot, unfortunately mine developed a fault (out of warranty, of course!) so I am now back to square one.

  « Ravin » 18:56 11 Mar 2003

try plugging it into a different wall outlet.

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