Screen Shaking while online??????

  simonsup 21:52 25 Oct 2004

Hi all, everytime i go online the botom of my
monitor goes all shaky but only about 3 inches
of the screen does it.
If i come off line everything is ok. does not do it all the time, its very notiable when using
outlook express or windows update web pages and sometimes this forum. Could it interference from something? Been going on for some time now, not sure what it is. My monitor has got nothing near it that might cause it.
My system:
Athlon 2000XP with 512meg mem ddr
Asrock mobo with via kt266A chipset
Creative soundblaster live 5.1 soundcard
Creative Ti4400 64meg graphics
Mercury tv tuner card
400watt psu
2 case fans
NTL Broadband usb modem 1.5 gig
proview 19inch monitor.

  simonsup 21:54 25 Oct 2004

whoops forgot to say :
using windows xp pro with sp2 installed
and pc is fully updated.

  terryr48 22:01 25 Oct 2004

Mine did the same thing my ntl b.b modem was too close to the moniter - moving the modem cured mine.

  simonsup 22:04 25 Oct 2004

Hi terryr48 my modem is about 5 feet away from the monitor

  stalion 22:13 25 Oct 2004

have you got your modem plugged directly in to your computer usb or are you useing a hub

  simonsup 22:21 25 Oct 2004

Hi peeps i think i have solved it, i have just droped my monitor refresh rate from 85 htz to 75
and sofar the screen seems fine although i have been at 85 for as long as i can remember.
as it only happems while online i never thought it could be the refresh rate, does it mean my monitor is on the way out or cant it handle the higher refresh rate, I play tiger woods pga 2005 at 85 with no problems. Hmmm strange one.
Anyway the screen is still ok as i type this.
fingers drossed :)

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