screen shake

  kenamb 11:45 18 Jan 2005

hi all ,
My monitor seems to be shaking on the left hand side mainly on the desktop and internet. Games seem ok.
I have a g force mx440 @1024x 768 Xp pro 512mb memory / amd xp2400.
Any ideas.
Ps my monitor is a CTX 17" about 4 years old

  scotty 12:47 18 Jan 2005

Try moving the monitor to a differnt location. A common problem is a power supply (e.g. for a printer or speakers) located too close to the monitor.

  kenamb 12:50 18 Jan 2005

Thanks scotty but i cant move but the pc has been here for years

  scotty 15:36 18 Jan 2005

Only talking about moving it a few inches!

Alternatively, check for items which have recently been placed close to monitor and move them. When I experienced something similar it was caused by the power supply for a printer.

Only other suggestion is to try changing settings to reduce the strain on the monitor (e.g. reduce resolution or refresh rate) to see if it is just that the aging monitor is struggling.

  Diemmess 15:44 18 Jan 2005

This is more folklore than scientific, though I do think it may be failing circuit to do with the monitor's raster timing.

While watching the screen, ........ try gentle pressure on the video cable with a bit of a slow wiggle at both the computer and of course the monitor. Long years with a severe bend just where the cable plugs in, can cause a break in a conductor, or a loose socket.

  Diemmess 17:08 18 Jan 2005

I hope you are OK now, what did you discover?

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