screen settings problem

  toonfireman1 17:06 04 Jan 2003
  toonfireman1 17:06 04 Jan 2003

I have a 21inch screen what should be my best setting ???.
What ever I set it seems to default back to 16 color 640/ 480 piscals.
I have resently rebooted after some problems with my sound card??

  recap 17:11 04 Jan 2003

This sounds like it's your graphics card toonfireman1, check all settings for your card.

  Gongoozler 17:15 04 Jan 2003

toonfireman1, for that size screen I would recommend 1024 x 768 pixels at 100Hz and High Color (16 bit). You could probably go to 1280 x 960 pixels but unless you are using fine graphics I don't think this would help a lot. You could also use True Color(32bit), but this would use more resources and you wouldn't see much improvement.

If your settings are reverting to low resolution, either your graphics card drivers are not installed or there is a program running in the background that is resetting your graphics. When you look at thegraphics settings, click on the "Advanced" button and look under the "Adapter" tab to check that the correct graphics card is installed.

  spruce 17:15 04 Jan 2003

Graphics Card

the higher the res the greater the memory needed for the graphics card.

Buy a good graphics card for next to nothing these days

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:20 04 Jan 2003

Right click 'my computer'-properties-device manager and drill down to your graphics card. Highlight and delete (make sure you have the installation CD handy just in case). Turn off computer (not a restart but a total shutdown) and reboot. Your computer will detect the card and re-install. Reboot again and select a blank area on the desktop-right click-properties and adjust your screen res in the dispaly box (1280x1024 should be the minimum for 21" screens but play around to find the setting that suits you). If this does not work I would check the graphics card carefully to ensure that it is not loose.


  Forum Editor 17:22 04 Jan 2003

will to a large extent depend on your graphics card. That's what generates the signal that is displayed on your monitor as an image.

An ideal setting for a 21" monitor is as follows:

Resolution: - 1152x864 pixels

Colour: - 24bit or 32bit truecolour

Refresh rate: - 85Hertz or higher

A good graphics card and modern monitor will have no trouble coping with those settings, and you'll have a rock-steady image that is capable of displaying pretty well every shade under the sun. You'll also be able to see every page of every web site without scrolling.

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