Screen Saver not working...... why???

  KingRat 13:41 14 Feb 2008

Why is it that my screen saver has stopped working? If I click on a clear screen, right click 'Properties' then click on 'Screen Saver' and press 'Preveiw' it works. But I can wait until Easter and it won't start on it's own, even though it is supposed to after just 1 minute.

Please, can you help?

  recap 14:09 14 Feb 2008

Try changing the waiting time to see if it works.

  recap 14:10 14 Feb 2008

One other thing to note: do not touch the keyboard or mouse while waiting for the screen saver to start.

  KingRat 14:16 14 Feb 2008

Yes I've changed the waiting time loads of times.

I have left the machine on it's own (not touching either the keyboard or mouse) but still no success. Thanks anyway recap!

  bstb3 14:49 14 Feb 2008

is it a wireless mouse / keyboard set up? If so is there some chance that you are getting a rogue signal or something that could be mimicking a key press / mouse movement.

Failing that, try turning the mouse upside down when you leave it, in case some random vibration is enough to move it slightly, cancelling the saver wait time. This could happen if the mouse sensitivity is high enough I guess...

  fishface113 19:56 14 Feb 2008

If you have a microsoft wireless keyboard & mouse there is a high degree of probability that the software for the these will interfere with the screesaver operation. This is a documented issue from Microsoft and there are several articles about this available.

I found a great solution to this as I had this problem for a while. I bought a Logitech keyboard and mouse instead, works great now.

  lotvic 00:02 15 Feb 2008

You can 'cheat' and put a shortcut on your desktop (or onto the taskbar) for your favourite screensaver(s), and can start whichever one you want anytime you want.

Do a Search for *.scr
when list comes up click on the Heading 'Type' (to sort them) then all the Screen Savers will be together in the list
Find the one you want and right click on it to bring up menu
Click on 'Create Shortcut' (it will appear as the last item in the list)
scroll down to the shortcut and drag it onto the desktop or taskbar
Right click on the shortcut and rename as desired

Do as many different ones as you want, it saves all that messing about changing the screensaver in the 'normal' way

  lotvic 00:08 15 Feb 2008

Ooops sorry the sort by 'Type' bit was meant for if you were looking in C:\WINDOWS\system32 and not doing the search
- anyway you get the idea

  KingRat 10:14 15 Feb 2008

Yes, that's when my screen saver stopped working thinking back! Okay thank you. I did wonder if it was picking a signal of some sort.

Thanks also to lotvic. Yes, at least I can now see my pictures!

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