Screen saver defect

  820mikewaite 13:39 09 Aug 2007

My previous computer would not go to screen saver unless I hit the refresh button.
I have just bought a new computer with windows XP dual core AMD 2 GB Ram Sata hard drives (2) It looks as if I have the same problem with the screen saver not activating. I have checked all the controls which appear to be set OK but still have this problem.
Any ideas to solve this would be much appreciated

  recap 15:22 09 Aug 2007

This might be a third party piece of software that is causing the problem. What third part software do you have now that you had on the old system, i.e. Norton Antivirus etc?

  820mikewaite 17:35 09 Aug 2007

My Previous computer I did have Norton Internet security. I had wiped that program and now use AGV. Any idea if Norton is the problem how to get rid of it??

  birdface 11:21 11 Aug 2007

If you had Norton on your new computer ,Did you run the Norton removal tool to remove it.or did you remove it from add remove.

  820mikewaite 13:55 11 Aug 2007

I did not have Norton on my new computer but quite a lot of docs and bits and pieces were transferred to my new computer. I have checked add and remove programs but no sign of Norton. Mike

  DieSse 17:44 11 Aug 2007

"My previous computer would not go to screen saver unless I hit the refresh button."

Exactly what and where is this "refresh button" you mention?

Is this via the standard windows screen saver facility, or a separate program? - If a separate program, what is it?

  820mikewaite 20:18 11 Aug 2007

The refresh button was a right click and then click Refresh. Mike

  wee eddie 23:36 11 Aug 2007

Or one of these special pieces of software like AWV

  820mikewaite 00:15 12 Aug 2007

I am using Windows 3D flower pot only. Mike

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