Bonzy 12:38 04 May 2005

Hi friends, can a screen saver be started manually rather than wait for the set duration of inactivity on the pc as it were?
Thanx in advance.

  rawprawn 12:41 04 May 2005


  Technotiger 13:02 04 May 2005

Hi, if you have a fairly new modern monitor a screensaver is not really essential - with the old 'Greenscreen' monitors savers were essential to prevent images burning themselves into the screen. I never run a screensaver (TFT monitor).
However to run a Manual screensaver you could, if you have any number of pictures in My Pictures, run them as a Slide-show instead. You can then adjust the Slide-show to meet your own requirements, and also start and stop it as and when you wish.


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