Screen "rolling" to next page

  Jo2001 14:29 23 Jan 2008

PC "died" and went back to manufactuter who kindly fixed it but it also meant that I lost everything on it.(Nice!)
Gradually putting all the stuff back on but when I scroll down using the mouse or tabbing the column on the right-hand side the display now "rolls" rather then just show the next page.
Help anyone.

  Pineman100 18:05 23 Jan 2008

Have you inadvertently clicked your mouse scroll wheel? This has the effect of making the screen scroll in whichever direction you move the mouse. Try clicking the wheel again to undo the function.

  Jo2001 12:07 24 Jan 2008

No, the screen still rolls, even when I hit the scroll down tab on the right of the screen.

  Technotiger 12:18 24 Jan 2008

Have a look in Start>Control Panel>Mouse>Wheel check how many lines to scroll are ticked.

  Jo2001 12:29 24 Jan 2008

It was 3, I've change to 100. It has quickened it all up but hasn't stopped it rolling though.
Tried the "one screen" option too.

  Technotiger 16:02 24 Jan 2008

Have you tried setting it to 1. 3. is the normal default setting.

  Jo2001 18:42 25 Jan 2008

Yes but still no joy.

  lotvic 20:08 25 Jan 2008

Try a different mouse, the wheel may be sticking in the 'clicked down' position

Unless - if it is a 'ripple' effect it would probably be a problem with the graphics driver

  Jo2001 14:59 29 Jan 2008

Hi, sorry for the late response.
It is a "ripple" effect. Any ideas on what I need to do re the graphics driver?

  [email protected] 20:36 29 Jan 2008

uninstall graphics driver, reboot and then reinstall the correct driver for your card.

  lotvic 20:44 29 Jan 2008

Is the 'ripple' just in IE or is it every program?

If it is just IE then: Internet Options->Advanced->"Use smooth scrolling"

For Graphic Drivers - look in Device Manager and Update the Driver.

You haven't given us any PC specs so it is a bit difficult to be more specific. It could even be the manufacturers mouse drivers if not using the XP ones

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