Screen resolution for Samsung 22 inch monitor

  jezzabevan 20:44 03 Nov 2008

I have a Samsung 225BW wide screen monitor. I have had to reinstall windows ro a new hard disk and cannot get my monitor settings right. The recommended resolution for this monitor is 1680 x 1050, but I find this too small to read. The next largest size in same ratio (1:6) is 1280 x 800 but this is too large and the fonts all look blurred. Maybe I'm getting fussy about I am sure thant I am missing something.

  citadel 22:12 03 Nov 2008

1024 x 768 is what I use.

  Woolwell 23:42 03 Nov 2008

Interesting - I have the Samsung 2232BW and use 1680 x 1050 without any problems. My desktop font size is 96 dpi. Have you tried increasing it to 120 dpi?

Vista or XP?

  hssutton 00:08 04 Nov 2008

Well the Samsung T220 22" TFT Monitor is 1680x1050.

I have increased the font and icon size on my Vista pc, even with my failing ageing eyes I manage quite well

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