Screen Resolution problems in XP

  s_whitie 22:25 28 Nov 2008

Hi just wondered if anyone can help.

I have a 19 inch widescreen monitor and have set the resolution to 1280 x 760 pixels. This was perfect for me and was fine for ages.

I have switched my computer on today and the resolution has gone all wrong. Everything is now really large on my screen and looks aweful. Is there anyway of resetting back to the default settings. When ever I chose an new resolution setting the screen flickers and the results are terrible.

I have a feeling this problem was caused by a system clean I performed using McAfee Security System and clearing out the registry (just a guess).

Hope someone can help

  Technotiger 22:27 28 Nov 2008

Have you tried a System Restore?

  MAJ 22:35 28 Nov 2008

Uninstall the monitor using Device Manager, then reboot the computer and let Windows reload the driver.

  MAJ 22:36 28 Nov 2008

Or you could try updating your graphic card's drivers.

  Gandalph 01:46 29 Nov 2008

Check the manual to see what the native resolution is for the monitor and set it to that.

  s_whitie 10:32 29 Nov 2008

System restore - didn't work
Uninstall using device manager - didn't work
Update graphics card drivers - didn't work
Check manual - I have tried all the resolution options and none of them give the desired results

Thanks for your help so far but this one is baffling me????

  lofty29 10:56 29 Nov 2008

I know that this is dopey, but have you tried the auto funtion on the monitor itself.

  [email protected] 12:27 29 Nov 2008

It it worked for ages OK and doesn't now, then it's likely something is broke (or not working like it should which is as good as).
If it's on-board graphics, your "cleaning" could have re-arranged your chipset graphics driver. Check the site of your motherboard manufacturer, download and install your chipset drivers.
If it's still the same, plug your screen into someones else's PC to check.
If it works somewhere else it's your graphics card/drivers. You say you have checked the drivers so the next thing is try and replace your card for a check - OR - remove the card completely and see how your on-board graphics respond.

  [email protected] 12:29 29 Nov 2008

PS. If it doesn't work somewhere else, sadly it's the screen :-(

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