screen resolution mysteriously changed

  quakergirl 18:36 18 Dec 2007

When I start up I'm getting a strange looking screen which looks like fabric, changes through various colours and then a message saying 'Out of range'. It would appear that the screen resolution has changed but I'm not aware of doing anything that would have changed it. The PC sounds as though it's starting up normally and if I plug in another screen its fine. How can I change the screen resolution back?

  brundle 18:49 18 Dec 2007

Start the machine in safe mode (hit F8 before you see the XP logo) and set the display properties to their lowest settings. Reboot (not into safe mode) and adjust as required.

  MAJ 18:51 18 Dec 2007

Have you tried the screen on another computer to see if it does the same? If it does, then you know it's a problem with the screen.

  Stuartli 20:04 18 Dec 2007

If you right click on an empty area of the Desktop>Proberties>Settings tab>Advanced button> and Click on List All Modes, you will reveal all the colour/resolution/refresh rates your graphics card supports.

By highlighting the required combination and clicking on Apply and then OK, these will be set.

  quakergirl 20:10 18 Dec 2007

thanks for your responses guys.

I should have said that I have a dual boot setup with xp and ubuntu linux, with the linux as the default boot option.

As I said in my original post, I tried another screen and its fine. Starting in safe mode won't help either, as I can't see anything from the moment it starts up except this strange screen that looks like a fabric background and then the message saying out of range.

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