Screen Resolution explanation please

  Neet 12:49 06 Feb 2004

Can anyone out there please explain to me in simple terms what the difference is between all the different Screen Resolution sizes - eg you can have a 15" screen with 1024x768 or 1280x1024 or 1400x1050 - what does it mean and which is the best?

  Eric10 13:07 06 Feb 2004

They relate to the number of screen pixels drawn across and down your screen e.g 1024 across x 768 down. On a 15" TFT screen this is a good resolution and is usually what the monitor is designed around. On a 15" CRT monitor which has an actual visible diagonal of around 13.25" it will result in icons and text that are just a little too small for anyone other than the eagle-eyed youth.

The larger the resolution, the more that can be fitted on the screen but for a given size of screen, the icons and text become progressively smaller. However on 17", 19" or 21" screens then these resolutions come into their own as there is a larger area to be drawn on. Indeed these larger TFT monitors are designed to give their best at these resolutions.

Hope this helps a little.

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