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  Graham. 10:05 08 Jan 2007

I have a widescreen monitor on my PC and a widescreen laptop.
The monitor is set at 800X600, the laptop is 1280X800.
If I go to the BBC, or a photo website I am working on, the display is central on the monitor, but off to the left on the laptop.
The PCA site is central in a regular size box on the laptop.
I am building the website on the PC.

To ensure my website looks central on other PCs, what should I set the laptop res to so I can use it as a check?

  duffymoon 10:14 08 Jan 2007

what design software are you using? also might be worth posting question to webdesign forum.

  Dan S 10:15 08 Jan 2007

Unfortunately, I think you'll struggle here; because your Laptop is a wide-screen model, it's automatically going to have a different aspect ratio (16:9, usually) to your desktop (4:3). This means that your screen will invariably be wider than the page your viewing on your laptop.

The reason for your different experience with the sites is that the BBC website is left-aligned, but on an 800x600 resolution, it will appear central. This website is aligned centrally, so it appears similar on both machines, but I daresay that there's more space to the sides of the main site.

Most non-adaptive websites base their design to be viewed at 1024 x 768 at the moment, although some still cater to 800x600. If you want to have a site which will adapt to the screen that is viewing it, then you would have to specify dimensions in percentages, rather than pixels. This way, instead of the site appearing squashed at 800 x 600 and narrow at 1280 x 800, it would adapt to each screen and be relative the same.

  Graham. 10:52 08 Jan 2007

Thanks, it's a Piczo website:

click here (under construction!)

Any feedback on the viewing aspect would be appreciated. I don't think this falls under WebDesign at this stage.

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