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  kalstras 15:54 06 Jun 2008

Hi, I have designed a website (simple) using a 1680x1050 resolution, as I have a 22" monitor. Is there a way to optimise (is that right) or install some code that will automatically resize for each different screen size? I don't want to have to resize my own screen to acomplish this, and I am getting tired of refreshing and looking at my wifes laptop for viewing it at a smaller size.


here is the site in it's beginnings.
I am using Dreamweaver CS3

click here

  Kemistri 17:30 06 Jun 2008

At first glance, your question reads as if you wish to build a site that will respond to a user's viewport size and display a particular layout to suit -- is that the case?

If you really want to do that, you will need to understand JS, style sheet control/loading, and the limitations and problems that lie therein.

Why not just build an elastic layout right from the start so that everyone can see it???? Or if you need to retain a fixed layout, create it for viewports of no bigger than about 1000 pixels wide, at the most.

  kalstras 17:52 06 Jun 2008

Hi and thanks for the reply, I think I was just surprised by the poor show when I went to a freinds house and they tried to load my site.

Could you explain "Why not just build an elastic layout" is this JS or is it something a near enough novice HTML designer like me can do?

  Kemistri 18:00 06 Jun 2008

Elastic layouts are built with standard CSS, like any fixed layout.

  kalstras 18:16 06 Jun 2008

So CSS or no CSS and will I have to completely redesign my page? (not that I'm really deep into it yet or anything lol)

  Kemistri 18:21 06 Jun 2008

A layout behaviour change really means a ground-up rebuild -- you make such decisions at the start as part of the planning phase.

  kalstras 18:32 06 Jun 2008

off I go then, thanks for all the input, looks like the "idoits Book" hasn't quite explained enough. Or I didn't read it well enough...

Cheers and thanks again!

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