Screen refresh rates

  murrayhouse 19:44 28 Mar 2003

I recently got hold of a second hand but almost unused Sony Trinitron Multiscan 200ES monitor. The display is excellent but I notice a really big difference if I uncheck the "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display" and select 120Mhz rather than the 85 that is the max with option checked. Am I really risking damage to my monitor by doing this, or does the fact that it works suggest It'll be ok? Has anyone heard of a monitor being truly cattled by running it at too high a rate?

  hugh-265156 19:59 28 Mar 2003

i would play it safe murrayhouse and hide the ones it cant display.then select the highest.anything over 85 and you really should see no flicker.

  Lead 21:01 28 Mar 2003

click here

Recommends 85Hz @ 1024x786 so I would stick to that to be honest.

  Paranoid Android 23:17 28 Mar 2003

85Hz is enough to get a rock-steady image. Great monitor !


  woodchip 23:25 28 Mar 2003

Download a driver from click here then you will know that it cannot exceed the refresh rate

  Forum Editor 23:32 28 Mar 2003

it would have been the case that your monitor would have been damaged if you tried to run it at too high a refresh rate.

A modern monitor will almost certainly have a protection circuit that puts it into energy saving mode if either of the sync signals are out of the monitor's recommended range. You won't really notice any difference between 85Hz and 120Hz (note that it's Hz not Mhz by the way)but your eyes will, so run the monitor at the higher rate, provided you experience no degradation in image quality.

  woodchip 23:33 28 Mar 2003

the CPD 220 should work from the list, it's about the nearest

  Migwell 01:06 29 Mar 2003

Have a friend who runs an ADI 17" monitor, this uses a Sony trinitron tube. He tried it at 120 and it blew up!!!!!

  murrayhouse 06:56 29 Mar 2003

Thanks to all for useful opinions. I've decided to err on the side of caution. If I blow this one up I can't afford to replace it!

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